“Perfect Pose” and “Picks” update

“Perfect Pose” 

Only a few mixes remain before the new album is ready for mastering. Jim Forrest (of Herkka and Forrest James) is currently mixing “Epic”, Esa Mikkola is mixing “Dig” and Lukas Drozd is putting the final touches on “…And When She Woke Up I Was Gone”. All mixes should be finished within two weeks.

I also plan to release alternative mixes of “Dig” and “She Fell Asleep With Her Headphones On”, as well as a remix of “From Red To Pitch Black”.

Track list

1. Nobody Knows 

2. She Fell Asleep With Her Headphones On…

3. Epic

4. From Red To Pitch Black

5. Dig

6. …And When She Woke Up I Was Gone

7. Perfect Pose


The 4-track compilation of new mixes of my personal Pocketful favourites from the old days is now waiting to be mastered. Track list:

1. The Final Song

2. She Won’t Steal My Thoughts Tonight

3. When The Leaves Fell From The Trees

4. Wrong 

Both albums should be released around Christmas.

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“Perfect Pose” – The new Pocketful Album – A Brief Update

I am planning to release the new Pocketful album in September/October 2015. Almost all recording sessions are behind me now (some more bass and maybe a few guitars will be added within the next few weeks). The title of the album will be “Perfect Pose”. Here is the current track list and status for the different tracks:

Nobody Knows – completely finished!

From Red to Pitch Black – currently being mixed in Japan

Epic – everything except some bass guitar is done

Perfect Pose – mixing will start in a week or two

She Fell Asleep With Her Headphones On … – mixing is very close to finished

… And When She Woke Up I Was Gone – needs a bit more arranging

Dig – Some arrangement issues need to be solved.

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News Update

Please go to www.facebook.com/pocketfulfor a news update.

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Recording Session


Earlier today I recorded vocals for my cover of “Floating”, a song by Forrest James.

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New Free Song Available!

We have updated the “Pocketful Evergreens” collection with yet another rare demo. This time it’s a short, vocoder-based interlude – “There’s a Song That She’ll Never Sing”. It was written a couple of years ago as part of a longer song that never made it to any official release. Go to pocketful.bandcamp.com for your free download.

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New songs, new album, side project…

There is a lot of activity in the studio at the moment. Johan recorded guitar a few days ago, Jerker is working on several new songs and the side project Greg is beginning to take shape. For regular updates, follow us here:


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Sunday Evening Mixing Session

Tonight I have done some mixing on “Black and Blue”, a new track by side project Greg, and “He Seems Ok”, which is an older song which I have decided to give a second chance.

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